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DEGRENNE, the making distribution of Guy Degrenne ("DGD") and "Boutiques GD", on the site www.degrenne.com an online store hereinafter called "Online Shop" accessible via the Internet and open to any user of this network (hereinafter referred to as "Internet users"). The Online Shop allows to offer for sale its products (hereinafter referred to as "Products") to Internet users, end consumers and non-professionals, browsing the Online Shop (hereinafter referred to as "Users"). The purchase for resale of products is not allowed. DEGRENNE reserves the right to refuse to order. For the call to be made, it is agreed that the user and DEGRENNE are collectively referred to as the "Parties" and "named" "Party", and that the user has validated an order will then be referred to as "Buyer". The rights and obligations of the user are essential to the Buyer.

The User declares to be of age and to have full legal capacity. Otherwise, consultation of the Online Shop and Products is the responsibility of its legal representative. This legal representative is required to comply with these provisions. In any case, when transmitting personal data, the legal representative must complete the registration form himself or expressly authorize the minor to fill in the form, the provisions relating to the personal data of article 11 below. after are then applicable.

Any order for a Product offered on the Online Shop implies the consultation and express acceptance of these general conditions of sale ("hereinafter referred to as" General Conditions of Sale "), without this acceptance being subject to a signature. handwritten by the User. We invite you to do a careful reading of the General Conditions of Sale with each new order.

DEGRENNE reserves the right to modify its General Conditions of Sale at any time. In this case, the applicable General Conditions of Sale will be those in force on the date of the order by the Buyer.



The General Conditions of Sale are intended to define the online sales terms between DEGRENNE and the Buyer of the Products on the Online Shop.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the exclusion of all other documents, including the general terms and conditions of sale of the DEGRENNE paper catalog, which do not apply to distance selling.



Any order signed by the User by "click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the offer of DEGRENNE which can be questioned only in the cases exhaustively provided for in the General Conditions of Sale such as during the exercise of the "right". of withdrawal "or in case of" out of stock ".

The "click" associated with the authentication procedure and the protection of message integrity constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the value between the Parties of a handwritten signature.

The user has the option to cancel all or part of his order before the validation of his payment, deferred or not.

The placing of an order by the User implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the latter to these general conditions of sale.



3.1. Products

The Products offered for sale by DEGRENNE are those listed on the Online Shop, at the time of consultation of the Online Shop by the User.

DEGRENNE presents on the Online Shop Products in accordance with Article L.111-1 of the French Consumer Code, which provides the possibility for the User to know before the final order the characteristics of the Products he wants to buy.

The Products offered comply with the French legislation in force and the standards applicable in France. The photographs illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility of DEGRENNE can not be engaged in case of error or omission in one of the photographs of the Products.

3.2. Price

The Products will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the registration of the order.

Prices are quoted in euros all taxes included, excluding delivery charges and are valid for the different zones and countries of delivery specified below; it being specified that the value added tax is that in force on the French metropolitan territory on the day of the validation of the order.

The prices take into account all applicable taxes in the country of delivery on the day of the order and any change of the legal rate of these taxes will be automatically passed on the price of the Products presented on the site, on the date stipulated by the implementing decree.

The prices applied are those valid on the Site and also in the Stores DEGRENNE (excluding Franchised / Partners and Retailers) and confirmed to the User during the validation of the order.

The full payment must be made when ordering, unless specific offer indicated on the Online Store. At no time, the sums paid can not be considered as a deposit or installments. The prices listed on the Online Shop are guaranteed until the expiry date indicated, if any, in the offer.

The delivery costs are communicated to the User before the validation of the order and are expressed all taxes included. These costs are borne by the User and are charged in addition to the selling price of the Products.

The transfer of risks, loss and deterioration of the Products will be realized after delivery and receipt of the Products by the User.

DEGRENNE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but agrees to apply the rates indicated on the Online Shop at the time of the order of the User.

DEGRENNE informs that in case of display of a wrong price, obviously derisory (cheap price), whatever the reason (computer bug, manual error, technical error.), The order - even validated by the Boutique in line - will be canceled, which the User will be informed as soon as possible. The User will then be able, if he wishes, to return his order at the correct price and exact.

3.3. Shipping cost

Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica) and Monaco :

GLS : 9,90 euros

GLS point relais : 6,90 euros

Free for all purchases over to 119 Euros TTC


GLS : 25.90 euros

Free if purchase greater than 199 euros

Zone 1 : Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands

GLS : 15 euros

Zone 2 : Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal

GLS : 30 euros 



4.1. Navigation inside the Online Store

The User can take note of the various Products offered for sale by DEGRENNE on the Online Shop.

The User can freely browse the various pages of the Online Shop, without being engaged under an order. Users can browse different product pages and view their essential characteristics, availability, price and the proposed average delivery times and costs.

At any time, the User can click on a "Contact Us" link which allows him to contact DEGRENNE by telephone or email if necessary.

4.2. Order registration

The order shows: the nature, description, quantities, availability, price of the Products selected by the User, the shipping costs incurred (average delivery time and delivery cost) depending on the area and the country of delivery and if applicable, the gift wrapping fee, as well as the total amount of the order including the selected shipping method and its cost.

The User is invited to inform:

(i)             the data allowing its identification necessary for the execution of its purchase if necessary;

(ii)            the delivery method selected on the basis of the information provided by DEGRENNE regarding the average shipping time and cost, and the proposed packaging options;

(iii)           the means of payment selected from several payment methods proposed and described by DEGRENNE.

4.3 Checking an Order

Before validating the order, the User is asked to check all the information provided (Products, quantities, prices, taxes, fees and delivery method, billing address, delivery address, method of payment).

At this stage, the User has the possibility to complete or cancel his basket.

The User is invited to consult and / or print DEGRENNE's Terms and Conditions of Sale and more particularly to read the terms of Retraction and Returns (see Articles 8 and 9 below).

4.4. Final validation of the order

After having selected and validated his payment and to validate his order, the User must confirm to DEGRENNE that he has read and that he accepts the General Conditions of Sale of DGD by clicking on the box provided for this purpose of a share and click on "Validate and pay the order".

The order is then registered and becomes irrevocable, subject to the actual payment related thereto. The User becomes Buyer. His order will be recorded on the computer records of DGD, themselves preserved on a reliable and durable support, and will be considered as proof of the contractual relations between the Parties.

4.5. Confirmation of the order

A summary of the contractual information will be sent to the Buyer by email without undue delay, to the email address indicated by the Buyer during the ordering process. This confirmation will include all the constituent elements of the contract between the Parties.

DEGRENNE recommends to the Purchaser to keep on paper or on reliable computer support, the data relating to his order and the General Conditions of Sale in force at the time of the order, which will be susceptible of modifications. The applicable General Conditions of Sale will be those in effect on the Online Shop at the date of the validation of the order.

The Buyer must verify the completeness and conformity of the information he provides to DEGRENNE. The latter can not be held responsible for any typing errors and consequences in terms of delay or delivery error. In this context, all expenses incurred as detailed in Article 7.4 for the return will be the responsibility of the Buyer.


The computerized registers, kept in computer systems in the respect of security conditions, will be considered as proof of communications and orders between the Parties. The filing of purchase orders and invoices is done on a reliable and durable support that can be produced as evidence.



The amount owed by the Buyer is the amount indicated on the order confirmation sent by email to the Buyer.

6.1. Orders  

For all Orders off Click & Collect, DEGRENNE accepts the following payment methods: Credit Card, American Express and Paypal

6.3. Before any order

DEGRENNE reserves the right to suspend any order management and any delivery in case of refusal to authorize payment by credit card from officially accredited bodies or in case of non-payment.

DEGRENNE reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of (i) an existing dispute attributable to the Buyer, (ii) total or partial non-payment of a previous order attributable to the Buyer, (iii) refusal to authorize payment by banking organizations. The consumer remains informed that DEGRENNE can not be held responsible for any embezzlement or fraudulent use of any means of payment that would not have been detected. DEGRENNE retains full ownership of the Products sold until full collection of all sums due by the Buyer as part of his order, including fees and taxes.

The transfer of ownership of a Product purchased from DEGRENNE by the Buyer for the benefit of a third party will not be taken over by DEGRENNE. Only the original Buyer of this property can claim to have access to the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale and to be party to the sales contract.



7.1 Delivery

Deliveries may be made in the areas and countries specified in Article 3 "PRICE". Delivery will take place at the address indicated at the time of placing the order.

The delivery will take place within the deadlines indicated on the confirmation of order that we will have sent to you, the order will be delivered within a maximum period of fourteen (14) working days as from the day following that of the validation by the Purchaser of his order, unless otherwise stipulated to the User. In the latter case, DEGRENNE will inform the Buyer of the new delivery time, which may if he wishes to cancel his order and be reimbursed.

Deliveries can not be made on Sundays and public holidays. The Products sold by DEGRENNE can be delivered, at the Buyer's choice at the time of the order, according to several modes described below:

Delivery with GLS point relais: Delivery in a relay point GLS in Metropolitan France and Belgium only: see point 3.3.

Delivery with GLS or other carrier because of the weight of the package:

- Delivery to the delivery address indicated by the Buyer when ordering. The carrier can make an appointment with the Buyer if necessary.

- Cost depending on the zones and countries concerned and according to the rates specified in Article 3 "Price".

Delivery will be made by a logistics provider based on the weight and volume of the product and the zone and country of delivery to the amount of the package indicated on the Site. The Buyer must be precise in the delivery address and check the completeness and conformity of the information he provides to DEGRENNE. The latter can not be held responsible for any typing errors and consequences in terms of delay or delivery error. In this context, all costs incurred for the return of the order will be borne by the Buyer.

7.2 Unavailable product

Products are offered within the limits of available stocks. Any unavailable product can not be purchased.

In case of unavailability of one of the Products, the Buyer will be informed as soon as possible and before shipment. However, in the event of any discrepancies / errors regarding the availability of the Products, the Buyer may then ask for a refund.

DEGRENNE undertakes to reimburse the Purchaser no later than within (30) days of payment. The unavailability of the Product can not engage the responsibility of DEGRENNE, nor open right to damages for the Buyer.

7.3 Delayed delivery

In case of late delivery of more than three days from the date of the email to the Buyer sending the package, the Buyer must report the delay by email to the following email address: sav@degrenne.com.

DEGRENNE will then conduct a survey of the logistics provider. An investigation may last up to 21 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays) from the date of its opening. If during this period, the Product is found, it will be re-routed immediately to the delivery address indicated by the Buyer. If, on the other hand, the Product is not found at the end of the period of 21 working days of investigation, the parcel is considered lost. At the end of this period, DEGRENNE will send you a replacement product, at its expense.

If the ordered Products were no longer available at this time, DEGRENNE undertakes to reimburse the Buyer for the amount of Products and delivery costs concerned by the loss of the logistics provider.

7.4 No withdrawal of the package from the logistics service provider or the DEGRENNE shops

The Purchaser will be required to withdraw the parcel from the logistics provider within the time limits following the notice of passage of the latter. In case of non withdrawal on time, the package will be returned to DEGRENNE. The return of the Products to the Purchaser will be made at his expense as from the receipt by DEGRENNE of the payment by check of said expenses.

7.5 Non-compliance and breakage

7.5.1 Incident upon receipt of the parcel:

Upon receipt of the order, the Buyer will check the conformity of the Products received in the presence of the deliveryman. In case of anomaly concerning the delivery (broken product, chipped or absent, damaged or missing parcels) the Buyer must imperatively:

  • clearly indicate on the delivery note the reservations, the day of the reception, in the presence of the deliveryman.

  • inform DEGRENNE of the situation by email at sav@degrenne.fr

  • adresser une lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception dans les trois jours suivants la livraison au prestataire logistique et à DEGRENNE.

Any claim made after this period or without reservation on the delivery note will be rejected and DEGRENNE will be released from all liability. DEGRENNE reserves the right to ask the Buyer to return the Product concerned in accordance with the "Return Product (s)" procedure defined in Article 9. If the above conditions are met, DEGRENNE will either proceed to the exchange or refund of of the Product (s) concerned, or the reshipment of the missing Product (subject to the merits of the request of the Buyer).

7.5.2 Product Non-Conformance to the Purchase Order:

The Purchaser will have to formulate with DEGRENNE by email at the following address: sav@degrenne.fr , the same day delivery or at the latest on the first working day following delivery, any claim of error of delivery and / or nonconformity of the Products in kind compared to the indications appearing on the order form. In case of return of the Product, the Buyer must respect the return conditions described in article 9 hereof.

7.6 Retention of Ownership

Moreover, it is specified that the ownership of the Products ordered will be transferred to the Buyer only at the total payment of the invoice price, including delivery charges.



Withdrawal period:

The Buyer has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return without cause, at its expense, the Product (s) it has ordered (s). This period runs from the day following receipt of the Product by the buyer.

Retraction procedure:

The Buyer informs DEGRENNE of its decision of retraction by sending it at the latest before the expiry of the period referred to above, the withdrawal form [Click here] or by any other declaration expressing its wish to retract, provided that it is unambiguous by email to sav@degrenne.fr

DEGRENNE shall promptly return to the Buyer an acknowledgment of receipt of its withdrawal, a file number and a form to be attached to the return package;

The Buyer returns the new Products in their original packaging with the printed DEGRENNE, only by post without delay and within a maximum period of 14 days from its decision to retract, to the next address :

Distribution Guy Degrenne

Customer Retractation Service e-shop

Rue Guy Degrenne

14502 Vire Cedex (FRANCE)

DEGRENNE recommends to the Purchaser to make the return of its Products in colissimo followed accompanied by a complementary insurance guaranteeing, if necessary, the compensation of the Products up to their real market value in case of spoliation or loss of this merchandise. DEGRENNE also recommends that the Buyer provide the carrier's shipping notice for the returned Product(s).

Refund conditions:

If the withdrawal procedure has been respected by the Buyer, DEGRENNE informs the Buyer of receipt of the parcel and refunds the sums paid within a maximum of fourteen (14) fourteen days from the receipt of the returned Products or from the date of the Buyer's communication of the proof of shipment, whichever is the earlier.

DEGRENNE will reimburse the price of the returned Products, as well as the delivery costs (at the standard delivery rate, the delivery method selected when ordering), except for the shipping costs. return which remain the responsibility of the Buyer. If the Product (s), because of its nature, can not normally be returned by post, for example because of its weight or its dimensions, we inform you that these costs are estimated at a maximum of about 500 euro

In case of withdrawal of a part of the order, DEGRENNE will not refund the shipping costs which are fixed for an order and not defined by article.

The refund will be made according to the same method of payment as that selected by the Purchaser during its initial purchase, except with the express agreement of the Buyer and provided that this does not entail any additional costs for the Buyer.

The responsibility of the Purchaser may be engaged in case of depreciation of the Products resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the good functioning of these goods, In this hypothesis, DEGRENNE reserves the right to compensate for the damage resulting from such depreciation by applying a lump sum of 500 euros as a reduction of the amount reimbursed in accordance with the procedure described below.



The procedure of "Return Product (s)" does not concern the exercise by the Buyer of his right of withdrawal (see Article 8). It concerns the assumptions of legal guarantees resulting either from the non-conformity of the Product (s) with the order (Article 7.5) or hidden defects (Article 10). It must be exercised within the prescribed time limits according to the following procedures:

  • The Buyer informs DEGRENNE by email at sav@degrenne.fr of its intention to return the Product (s);

  • DEGRENNE returns a file number and a form to attach to the return package;

  • The Buyer returns the new Products in their original packaging with the DEGRENNE print, accompanied by an explanatory letter, only by post, to the following address:

Distribution Guy Degrenne

Customer return service e-shop

Rue Guy Degrenne

14502 Vire Cedex (FRANCE)

  • DEGRENNE informs the Buyer of receipt of the parcel and proceeds to the refund or exchange.

  • DEGRENNE reserves the right to ask the Buyer for photos or details before validating the return.

DEGRENNE recommends to the Buyer to make the return of its Products in colissimo followed accompanied by a complementary insurance guaranteeing, if necessary, the compensation of the Products up to their value the actual merchant in the event of theft or loss of such merchandise.

The Buyer is informed that no return of Product (s) will be able to intervene via the physical sales points DEGRENNE .

DEGRENNE reserves the right to refuse receipt of a return that has not been notified or that does not follow the prior instructions. A return that does not comply with this procedure and for which the package (s) has been misplaced during transit could not be considered by DEGRENNE . No compensation or refund can then be required by the Buyer as such.


Legal guarantee of conformity:

DEGRENNE guarantees the lack of conformity of the Product to the contract in the conditions of the article L211-4 and following of the Code of the consumption.

The Buyer is informed that when acting as a legal guarantee of conformity, the Buyer:

- has a period of two years from delivery of the property to act on DEGRENNE ;

- can choose between repairing or replacing the goods, subject to the cost conditions provided by Article L. 211-9 of the Consumer Code;

- is exempted from reporting the proof of the lack of conformity of the good during the 6 months following the delivery of the good. This period is extended to twenty-four months from March 18, 2016.

The Buyer may decide to implement the guarantee against hidden defects of the thing sold within the meaning of Article 1641 of the Civil Code. In this case, the Buyer can choose between the resolution of the sale or a reduction of the selling price in accordance with Article 1644 of the Civil Code.

In the event of a lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery, DEGRENNE commits itself according to what is possible and reasonable:- either to replace the Product by an identical product (with regard to stocks available);- either to exchange the Product with a product of quality and equivalent price (with regard to stocks available);- to refund the price of the Product within 30 days following the exercise by the Buyer of the legal guarantee of conformity, if the replacement by an identical or equivalent Product proved impossible.

Legal warranty of hidden defects:

DEGRENNE guarantees the hidden defects of the Product sold under the conditions stipulated in articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code.Four conditions must be met:

1- the defect or default prevents the Buyer from making normal use of the Product;

2- at the time of purchase, the Buyer could not detect the defect or defect affecting the Product;

3- the defect or the defect must not be the consequence of a misuse of the product;

4- the Buyer must act within two years from the day it discovered the defect or defect to claim the benefit of this warranty.

If these four conditions are met, the Buyer has the choice between:

1- return the product purchased and get reimbursed the price paid;

2- keep the product and ask for a partial refund of the price paid.

In any case, the responsibility of DEGRENNE can not exceed the value of the Product (s) purchased.

Commercial Warranty:Products issued by DEGRENNE have no contractual warranty.

Exclusion of warranties:The warranties do not apply to defects resulting from the intervention of the Buyer, such as by example misuse or repair.

How to exercise the legal warranties?

The Buyer can contact DEGRENNE by post to the address Next: Distribution Guy Degrenne - Eshop customer service - Rue Guy Degrenne in VIRE (14502) or by email at info@degrenne.fr or by phone at from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm out holidays.



Informations nominatives

DEGRENNE attaches great importance to the protection of personal data.

The information of personal information collected in connection with the distance selling is necessary for the purchase of the products on line, the treatment and the delivery of the orders as well as for the establishment of the delivery notes. The information collected is processed and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018.

The User may choose to receive commercial offers from DEGRENNE and / or its commercial partners. If he no longer wishes to receive these offers, he can at any time make the request by clicking on an electronic link available on the e-mails and newsletter to that effect, or by contacting us by e-mail at the following address rgpd @ degrenne .fr or by mail to Degrenne Legal, Compliance & DPO - 89 rue de la Boetie - 75008 Paris Cedex.

The User has a right of access, rectification, deletion, portability and opposition on the personal data with DEGRENNE that he can exercise by contacting: rgpd @ degrenne. en or at Degrenne Legal Service, Compliance & DPO - 85 rue de la Boetie - 75008 Paris Cedex.

If you feel that you have contacted the DEGRENNE Consumer Services Department at sav@degrenne.fr and that your computer and freedom rights are not respected, you can submit a complaint to the CNIL (for more information : www.cnil.fr).

For more information, we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy available by clicking here.



12.1. Force majeure

Neither Party has failed in its contractual obligations, to the extent that their performance will be delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or force majeure. Will be regarded as fortuitous event or force majeure all facts or circumstances irresistible, external to the Parties, unpredictable, inevitable, independent of the will of the Parties and which can not be prevented by them, in spite of all the efforts reasonably possible. The Party affected by such circumstances will notify the other within ten working days of the date on which it became aware.

The Parties will then, within one month, unless impossible due to force majeure, to examine the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which the execution of the contract will be continued. If the case of force majeure has a duration greater than three months, the General Conditions of Sale may be terminated by the injured party.

Expressly, are considered in particular as a case of force majeure or fortuitous cases, besides those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the French courts and tribunals: 

  • blocking means of transport or supplies, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning;

  • the shutdown of telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to external telecommunication networks to the Buyer.

12.2. Partial invalidity

If one or more stipulations of the General Conditions of Sale are held to be invalid or declared as such under a law, a regulation or following a final decision by a competent court, the other stipulations will retain all their strength and reach.

12.3. Full contract

The General Conditions of Sale and the order summary sent to the Buyer form a contractual whole and constitute the entirety of the contractual relations between the Parties.

In case of contradiction between these documents, the General Conditions of Sale shall prevail.

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time by DEGRENNE. Any new version of the General Conditions of Sale will be made accessible and posted on the Online Shop website.

All orders will be subject to the general conditions of sale in force at the time of the order.

12.4. Applicable law

These general conditions of sale and the contractual relations between DEGRENNE and the Buyer are subject to French law. In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought before any legal action.

The Buyer is informed that in case of failure of amicable settlement with the DEGRENNE consumer service, he may, in accordance with articles L612-1 and following and R612-1 and following of the Consumer Code, submit free of charge by electronic or postal means, its dispute with DEGRENNE to a mediator who will attempt, in complete independence and impartiality, to bring the parties together with a view to reaching an amicable solution.

DEGRENNE joins the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD - 60 rue la Boétie -75008 Paris) and, as such, benefits from its e-commerce mediation service whose terms of referral are available at the following address: http://www.mediateurfevad.fr/.



All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the Online Shop are the exclusive property of DEGRENNE and are reserved under copyright and intellectual property rights, which prohibits any use without the right of use. DEGRENNE agreement. The establishment of commercial links in violation of the rights of DEGRENNE is strictly prohibited. Any total or partial reproduction of the Online Shop is strictly prohibited. Any behavior found inconsistent will be prosecuted.


For any information, claim or question relating to DEGRENNE terms of sale, the Site or the Products themselves, the User must contact the Customer Service of the Site by email from the contact form, or by phone at 02 31 66 44 90 from Monday to Friday from 10h-12h and 14h-17h (excluding public holidays). Call not surcharged by recalling if necessary its order number.

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