Silver plated cutlery

DEGRENNE silverware is produced according to great silversmith tradition:
human input plays a big part in it and each detail makes the difference.
Quickly choose the cutlery design that you would like to silver plate!


Standard DEGRENNE silverware meets the highest requirements of the standard, guaranteed by the quality square punch "I" affixed to all items.
The standard requires an average thickness of 33 microns on the main items, about 84g of silver for 12 table forks and 12 tablespoons.

Characteristic of the support

Frame features DEGRENNE silver plated cutlery is made from a high quality stainless steel frame. All the blades of our knives are made from special cutlery steel. These blades are not silver plated to preserve their cutting quality.

Use and Precautions for use

DEGRENNE silverware is made to be used every day: daily use of silver plated metal cutlery is the best guarantee against oxidation. The cutlery is especially preserved in our boxes which slow down this colouring by protecting them from the air. Nevertheless, if colouring appears, it can be treated with the cleaning cloth delivered in the box. DEGRENNE silverware is not sensitive to dishwasher processing and everyday handling. However some precautions should be taken:

  • Favour powders over any other detergent
  • Clean the knives immediately after use
  • Ensure items are completely dry
  • Take the pieces out of the dishwasher as soon as the washing cycle finishes and store them away from the air and humidity
  • When washing avoid mixing them with other pieces that are not silver plated.

Our silver plated metal cutlery products are available in physical DEGRENNE retail outlets.
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