Product overwrapping

No longer be afraid to order fragile or heavy items such as glasses and tableware on the internet!

DEGRENNE guarantees a quality delivery and it will prove it to you!

With our experience as a manufacturer of tableware since 1948, our logistics services use the best packaging tools and techniques, adapted to the constraints of delivering to individuals, to allow our products to travel in the best conditions.

Each product (glass, plate, cup etc.) is carefully and generously wrapped.

The resistance of our products by their nature, and sometimes their volume or weight, is often put under strain during transport.

This is why we package the item individually and then collectively when preparing your order.

We have a wide range of packaging materials which are used depending on their characteristics and strength; and the specific features of the ordered item (weight, volume, impact resistance, etc.) and of the order.
In fact, to completely ensure the protective function of the packaging, the interior and exterior packaging and the product will have to combine and form a perfect unit.

During the validation of these processes, transport, pressure, vibration, drop and impact tests were carried out, on all sides and corners.

Still unsure? Don’t worry.
Every day DEGRENNE focuses its attention on well packaged products that arrive safely, and DEGRENNE exchanges* or refunds* any damaged items during transport.

So don’t hesitate any longer, order!

(*) Exchange or refund conditions:

  • Every damaged item received should be reported to our customer services, within 3 days of receiving the order, using our form by clicking here, accompanied by a photo of the relevant product.

  • The products in question must remain available to DEGRENNE if required by our team.

  • A replacement product or a refund will be made within 14 days of the incident being reported.

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