Savor the trip

DEGRENNE opens new horizons and invites us to cross borders with MONDO, its new Tableware Collection. Take an immediate boarding for a gastronomic world tour under the sign of conviviality.

Let yourself be tempted by a gourmet and gourmand world tour.

Inspired by the worldfood trend, MONDO is composed of 4 vibrant colors, the latter echoing 4 international cuisines: Indigo Blue, dense and deep, exotic and chic at the same time, timeless; Red Pepper, to transport yourself in a vibrant spice market; Green Shiso, as fresh and intense as the sacred Asian plant that inspired it and White Salt Crystals, dazzling like the huge salt deserts of South America.




Italian chef Veronica Pusceddu was seduced by the MONDO Shiso green deep soup plate to enhance her Sardinian seafood ravioli recipe.




The Juan brothers and Alexandre Quillet pay tribute to their home country, Colombia, in their Parisian restaurant Margús.

The white Crystalline Salt platter is perfect for dressing their tasty ceviches, while its color recalls the salty deserts of South America.




Koji Tsuchiya, the Chef who flies French-niponne cuisine at Mamagoto restaurant in Paris to express his creativity.

His favorite dish? The traditional Japanese kaisendon which is perfect for a dressage in our MONDO Bleu Indigo bowl.




Chef Liza Asseily heads the restaurant Liza, emblematic of Lebanese cuisine in Paris.

She immediately adopted the MONDO collection which is perfect for sharing dishes. The sharing plate with its original shape - without edges - is prefered to present falafels or baklawas, under the sign of conviviality.



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