Send a gift

It’s possible, it’s very easy and no extra charge.
The recipient just has to be in the geographic area where we deliver. See our delivery area.

Then, you just have to place an order normally and fill in the delivery address of the person to whom you are sending the package, by specifying the telephone number of the recipient, the access code or any other information required for successful delivery.

As with all your orders, on the day the order is sent you will receive an indicative email and the invoice will be available on your account. It’s up to you to print or download it, if necessary. As for the recipient, they will receive the products together with a delivery note (with no reference to price).

If you would like your items to be gift wrapped, that is possible. After having selected the items in your basket, you can tick each item that you wish to have gift-wrapped. This service is charged at €2.50 per item (excluding promotions).

The products will then be wrapped by us either in a gift bag, or in gift wrap depending on the size of items.



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