DEGRENNE Maison Française

For more than 70 years, DEGRENNE has belonged to everyone, to our collective memory as well as our future, by perpetuating craftsmanship and industrial know-how, like a precious intangible commodity.
DEGRENNE is a factory in Vire where thunderous machines stamp steel, and also a porcelain workshop in Limoges, where craftsmen create the moulds for our plates.
The “Maison DEGRENNE” also belongs to you – the pride of Normandy which soon became the pride of France, a story written together.
Today, let’s celebrate our heritage and fine French art of living...


Since 1948, DEGRENNE sets some of the most beautiful tables in the world, and glorifies the French heritage of gastronomy.
Today, the brand joins forces with the Elysée (the french presidential palace) to celebrate our common values : the art of hosting and the French know-how.
The French Republic monogram and the tricolor flag elegantly decorate DEGRENNE’s iconic products to create a bespoke collection which will give gastronomic moments a charming and subtle french-touch, where the beautiful food meets beautiful tableware.
From the tea time to the boiled egg, or pastries, our craftsmen’s talent expresses itself in the making of a range of 4 sets, made in our French factories, for this DEGRENNE x ÉLYSÉE capsule collection.




Discover everlasting lace…The AQUATIC Couture collection is made in our french manufacture in Vire, Normandie, and is the perfect reflection of the House’s know-how:  the lace arabesques, inspired by the Haute Couture art, are finely engraved on stainless steel.
The decor is stamped, a unique expertise of Degrenne’s craftsmen
Experience and patience are the key words when it comes to taming stainless steel: each matrix is manually engraved, and then hits the metal to reveal pure lines, evoking the meticulous work of lace makers.
The unique lace pattern adorns the flatware collection on handles and high parts, to create a refined look.
Theses volutes will give a special style to tables, bringing absolute elegance to enhance exceptional dishes.

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