Holiday Tables


To find our loved ones and the warm and noisy tables, to squeeze us on the benches to better toast, to hand over our gifts and, maybe, even dare to kiss each other

The DEGRENNE house offers you its inspirations to gather around a magical table !


The magic of white

On an immaculate table, the SD ONE OR tableware collection is decked in festive beauty; the dazzling whiteness of the porcelain is adorned with a band of real gold that has been applied by hand. Conceived by architect and designer Sylvain Dubuisson and manufactured in Limoges, the collection showcases the decorative skill and know-how of DEGRENNE artisans.

The timeless and contemporary ONDE GOLD cutlery collection echoes the generous curves and decor of the tableware, while bringing a touch of sparkle and festive flavour. This dazzling table features the NUANCES collection, which is made in France using cotton and linen.

Nature spirit

Branches, pinecones, holly and moss: nature is the honoured guest at this table. And not only for decoration; SUPERNATURE tableware is adorned with wood-like streaks, as if it had been captured in the very heart of the porcelain. Extraordinary technical expertise was required to apply this relief decoration, which appears on part of the plate, creating an astonishing interplay of textures; a testament to the skill of the French DEGRENNE artisans.

Its design is a wonderful match for L’EMPREINTE cutlery, available in two finishes, mirror and matte, so you can choose whether you’d like to shine brightly or go for more subdued authenticity.

Festive Table

Symbolising the values and know-how of DEGRENNE, the stylized four-leaf clover evokes both a table with four guests who have gathered to enjoy some quality time together and the polishing wheel used to make cutlery. LE TRÈFLE PRÉCIEUX tableware brings a new angle to this emblematic motif in an artistic version with golden reflections.

The motif is delicately applied to the equally festive LE TRÈFLE glassware collection.

Heading for the mountains

Snow-capped peaks, fir trees, wooden chalets, smoking chimneys, DESTINATION MONTAGNE tableware brings together decorative objects in soft and soothing tones, which conjure up a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The “cut paper” effect creates a light and modern feel.

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