This year brings an opportunity to really enjoy the festive season.To get together with your loved ones and sit down to some heartymeals, to squeeze onto a sofa and sip drinks with friends, to share gifts and perhaps even dare to hug one another






It’s also now time to dream of a more authentic and responsible holiday, to think about getting back to the essential values of sharing and meaningful traditions, the ones we want to keep alive, to pass on to our children, those which spark a longawaited twinkling of magic.






DEGRENNE has created collections that fi t elegantly with this state of mind and transform every moment into a treasured memory. They can conjure up a chalet nestled in a snow-covered forest, with a welcoming atmosphere and people gathered around a fairylandinspired table or curled up in a cosy blanket by a log fire.

A cocoon where pampering and connection is order of the day, connection with yourself, with others and with nature, a world away from the frantic chaos and endless trawling around from cousin to cousin.

This year let’s reinvent the holidays and write some new chapters in our story.

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