Cutlery personalisation

Cutlery personalisation

DEGRENNE, in the height of refinement, offers you cutlery personalisation with bespoke laser engraving.
Each piece of cutlery can be personalised: initials, a first name, a date, a crest logo or a message.
Entertain in style or buy a unique and personalised gift for a wedding, a baptism, a birth or simply for the pleasure of giving.

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DEGRENNE provides you with this engraving service for any purchase of a case of 50, 75, 99/100 or 123/124 pieces on the cutlery models:
- Aquatic mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Beau Manoir mirror polished
- Baguette silver plated metal
- Guest mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Isatis mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Lutèce mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Sérénity mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Solstice mirror polished, silver plated metal
- Verlaine, mirror polished, contrast and silver plated metal
- XY mirror polished, silver plated metal


There are 3 types of font on offer for your cutlery engraving:
- 1 classic font: Monotype corsiva
- 2 modern fonts: Comic sans MS or Little Days

Initials and figures: the ideal number of characters is 2 but may go up to 4 depending on the technical feasibility.

Messages/texts: you can choose to have them engraved in upper or lower case and choose the direction for reading: from top to bottom or from the bottom to the top of the cutlery.

Logos/crests: : you can send us a photo or drawing by email. 3 types of engraving can be carried out in a RTP proof process: line, positive and negative.

Font examples:


It takes 2 weeks to receive a RTP proof.
After validation of the RTP proof, the engraving takes from 3 to 8 weeks.

The price of engraving varies depending on the composition of the box set and the type of engraving.
Price (including taxes) for initial engraving on cutlery:

50 piece box set: €55.00
75 piece box set: €70.00
99/100 piece box set: €90.00
123/124 piece box set: €110.00

Compulsory additional flat fee of €20.00 for engraving of text/message or logo/crest.

To request an engraving of your DEGRENNE cutlery, please go to a DEGRENNE retail outlet. This offer is not available on the online store.
Find the retail outlet closest to you.

If you have any questions, you can get in contact with us by clicking here.

* See in store for details of the offer, list of included models and conditions.
One single engraving per order. The feasibility of the engraving will be confirmed according to the technical constraints.
DEGRENNE reserves the right to refuse to engrave any message or image which could damage the image of the brand.

RTP: Ready to print

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