Discover or rediscover the emblematic DEGRENNE's collaborations.



Starck ®

L’Econome by Starck ® Crockery was designed to make everyday meals easier. Stackable and versatile, the bowl and plate-cover set is like a « dynamic duo » that goes from fridge to oven, from oven to table and from table to fridge. These pieces are both convenient and elegant in soft colours with silky finishes, and their innovative concept truly saves work, time and space.



Philippe Conticini

DEGRENNE and PHILIPPE CONTICINI have the same values of lifestyle, of celebrating moments of emotion and love of good food. It is naturally that both Houses joined to imagine a collection of dishes dedicated to the art of pastry. The result is a line of porcelain just like the famous Chef: at the same time simple and purified by its shape, generous by its style.



Little Cabari

Discover the Children's collections with their exclusives Degrenne’s decors developed in partnership with the duo of illustrators Little Cabari, renowned in children's decoration. Their contemporary graphics produced with a “handmade” treatise are inspired by sport, nature, fruits and vegetables and small animals. Each set is presented in a pretty box, in the form of a suitcase, where children will love to put their treasures.

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