In this more than emotionally challenging year, our house served as an ultimate haven.
While we have learned to turn into a bubble to work, into a bar to share virtual drinks or into a playground to keep the children occupied, we are hopeful of reopening soon to friends and family.

At a time when there are more uncertainties than certainties, the celebrations and festive traditions will be the best opportunity to share, perhaps even at a distance, what has mattered most to us this year: the love for our loved ones, the authenticity of the time spent in the kitchen, the pride of home-made, the return to basics and true pleasures.

This year let’s just have one priority: let's savour the celebrations.


While quarantine has awakened the best creativity in us, unexpected talents were born in the kitchen. What if we took the opportunity to reveal the artist within us and impress our loved ones?

Graphic and contemporary, the ARTY CREATION collection celebrates the delicacy and precision of these chefs who make gourmet cuisine an exercise in style both in the preparation of recipes and in the presentation of dishes. For the end of this year, it’s the turn of amateur chefs to impress!

Decorated with brush strokes, the ARTY CREATION plate becomes a canvas and invites us to complete the masterpiece. Combined with the iconic XY BLACK cutlery and the MUSE glassware, it creates an elegant and unique festive table.


Like many people, a love of nature has awakened in us this year with great intensity. While we were unable to fully see it blossoming, there is no longer a question of distancing yourself from it. Let’s invite it to our table!

With its green colours, the GIVERNY collection brings vegetation in and dresses tables with an organic energy. Available in three shades (Spruce, Water Lily and Ginkgo), it draws its inspiration from the infinite natural shades of the Normandy countryside . Whether combined or separately, these colours bring depth to the table, for an authentic and poetic Christmas, to be shared with those who are closest to us in perfect simplicity.


Even in these unprecedented times, we dream of having wonderful celebrations. Wonderful in magnitude, but also in the expertise they show, and which offer constantly updated enchantment.
The French savoir-vivre, always reinvented, nowadays demanded, is a call to savour each moment.

Lace, an ultimate precious fabric, is the common thread of this dreamlike, romantic and sophisticated Christmas. Haute Couture therefore appears on exceptional pieces, from the porcelain of tableware manufactured in Limoges to the steel of the cutlery engraved in Normandy.

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