Maison DEGRENNE presents BRUME, a tableware collection that celebrates practicality. Paired with the new BLOIS CONTRASTÉ table cutlery, the collection extends an invitation to refocus on what is truly essential, with elegance and authenticity, in the warmth of an Indian summer.

Made of stoneware, the BRUME collection presents slightly irregular shapes that emphasise its natural origin. DEGRENNE’s know-how is expressed through a delicate interplay of textures with contrasting matte and enamelled finishes. Each piece is an invitation to be touched, refocusing the dining experience the senses.
The compact BRUME collection can be used in myriad ways. It includes four functional, stackable, and very versatile pieces: one large and one small soup plate, one large bowl and one small bowl that can be turned over to fit neatly onto another and hence become a lid. These pieces lend themselves beautifully to contemporary culinary styles, with the increasing popularity of presenting international cuisine in bowls. .

The BRUME tableware collection is integrally dyed, which gives greater depth to the colours. It is available in three equally natural and soothing shades (Pink, Sand and Grey) which enhance the softness and curves of the stoneware. These beautiful colours lead the way to autumn, warm up winter tables and are perfect for outdoor dining when summer returns.
The authentic and contemporary BRUME collection will enhance both the most elegant tables and more informal gatherings. It matches wonderfully with the new BLOIS CONTRASTÉ cutlery collection, which is a new take on a timeless Degrennes favourite, in the tradition of “baguette” cutlery.

Created in the historic Vire manufacture in Normandy, BLOIS CONTRASTÉ testifies to the know-how of DEGRENNE stainless steel artisans. It disrupts the classicism of the BLOIS collection by combining mirror-polished finishes on the upper part of the pieces and matte finishes on the handles, separated with a diagonal line.
With its geometric design and asymmetrical lines, BLOIS CONTRASTÉ recalls a cutlery archetype while bringing a twist of modernity and retaining discreet elegance. The cutlery in the new collection is available individually and as part of a gift box.

The authenticity of the BRUME tableware collection also pairs perfectly with the hammered design of the mouth blown ROC glassware. Each refined, cylindrical piece features undulations inspired by raw materials that have been shaped by time and nature. This unique glassware will provide the final and characterful touches to a unique table.

NUANCES table linen, in linen and cotton, elegantly completes this table by offering soft and timeless colors.

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